Three Generations of Eye Care Providers

The practice of Lashmet, Spitzberg and Denny became Lashmet, Spitzberg, Denny and Abrams in 1988. This practice had offices in Carmel and the westside of Indianapolis. A midtown (downtown Indianapolis) office was added at Methodist Hospital when Dr. John Abrams joined the group. Dr. Bettye-Jo Rawls Lloyd joined the group in 1995 and the practice was renamed Indianapolis Ophthalmology. After the senior partner retirements of Lashmet and Denny, and the departure of Spitzberg, Abrams EyeCare was formed. The practice has grown to 3 offices, 7 doctors and 50+ employees. Dr. JJ Abrams joined the practice in 2005 and remained at Abrams EyeCare for 15 years until his retirement in 2020. His career in Optometry spanned 70 years. The practice had 3 generations of eye care providers working together for 3 years.

3 Generations

L to R: Leslie Abrams Tobe, MDJ.J. Abrams (1927-2020), OD; John Abrams, MD

Our Timeline:

  • 1988 Lashmet, Spitzberg, Denny and Abrams
  • 1995 Lashmet, Spitzberg, Denny, Abrams and Lloyd (Indianapolis Ophthalmology)
  • 1997 (January 22) Abrams EyeCare Associates begins 
  • 2000 Dr. Deborah Mann joins the practice
  • 2004 Dr. Clay Jones joins the practice
  • 2005 JJ Abrams OD joins Abrams EyeCare from his private practice he started in 1950
  • 2017  Leslie Abrams Tobe MD joins the practice
  • 2018 Michael Hopen MD joins the practice
  • 2020 JJ Abrams retires
  • 2021 Rolando Mendoza Lopez OD joins the practice 
  • 2022 New eastside office opens, Dr. Lloyd retires, and Kylene Polhamus, OD joins the practice
  • 2023 Dry Eye Center opens at North office, Dr. Clay Jones retires

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