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Visit our Optical Shop located inside our offices.

The goal at Abrams Eyecare is to help you find eyewear that makes you look and feel great. We consistently strive to bring our patients the latest trends in eyeglass frames and the latest technology in lenses and lens materials. One of our experienced opticians would be happy to help with your selection of frames and lenses.

Why are Varilux and Shamir progressive lenses our preferred lenses for people with presbyopia (inability to focus up close)? They are on the cutting edge of technology, and restore your vision as seamlessly as possible. We also work with Shamir Work Space and the Office lens for computer eyeglasses and the Eyezen lenses, which is enhanced to provide comfort and protection for people who are on smartphones, tablets, and computers for hours at a time.

We also use Crizal anti-reflective coatings, which has a tough scratch protection and a 2-year warranty against scratches. If it scratches under normal wear and tear, Crizal will replace it at no charge. We will be happy to explain the different levels of Crizal products.

Our opticians have numerous years of training and can help you find the eyeglasses that are right for you.

They will explain all the extras you can put on your lenses to customize them to you, whether it is transitions, polarized, hi-index, Trivex, mirror coatings, anti-fatigue blue light filter, or magnetic sun clips.

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