Eyewear Accessories and Packages


  • Safety Frames: We have a selection of safety frames and can order OSHA-approved safety glasses.


  • Lens cleaners and cloths:  These can be used on all types of lens coatings

  • Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress Masks: Great for dry eyes and related symptoms, holds heat longer than washcloths and heats up in 20 seconds.

  • Bruder Lid Hygienic Wipes: Designed to exfoliate and cleanse with a rinse-free formula and soft fabric

  • Focus Select Vitamins:  This eye-based vitamin is formulated to support ocular and macular health by providing important vitamins and nutrients

  • Focus Relief Vitamins: This eye vitamin supports dry eye and retinal health through a formulation of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil

  • Over-the-Counter Readers: We offer a variety of stylish readers that are available in +0.75 through +4.00

  • Non-Prescription Computer Blue Filter Glasses:  Available for children or adults, these specialty lenses are perfect if screen time is affecting your sleep by filtering more blue light than standard polycarbonate or high-index lenses.

  • Eye Drop Tool:  Do you find that putting drops in your eyes leads to more on your face than in your eyes?  Try this unique tool that has a mirror angled perfectly to ensure the drop goes in your eye the first time, every time.

Special Package Pricing:

Spare Pair Package:  It's hard to have one pair of glasses meet all of your needs.  Consider a 2nd pair.  Order a frame and single vision lenses with an anti-reflective coating for a special price.

Sport Package:  How about a sport goggle with polycarbonate lenses and tough TD2 scratch coating?

Computer Package:  This special package includes a frame and computer lenses with blue-filter anti-reflective coatings.


When you purchase a year's worth of contact lenses, you will receive 40% off of select non-prescription sunglasses!

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