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Can you put new lenses in my existing frame?

Yes we can, we do however, let you know that frames do age and can break when new lenses are being inserted into them. We will have you sign a frame waiver against breakage.

How long does it typically take to receive my eyeglasses?

At this time, it has been taking 2 to 2 ½ weeks.

Do my lenses have a warranty against scratches?

Most lens coatings are warrantied for 2 years; we will let you know which coatings those would be.

Do your frames have a warranty?

Yes, our frames have a 1 year warranty against manufacture defects and will be replaced at no charge, the 2nd year it would be replaced at 50%.

Do you repair glasses?

Yes, we will replace nose pads, screws; make adjustments to your frames, all at no charge to you.

What makes a good pair of sunglasses?

A good sunglass is all about the lens. The right balance of color, back, and front surface coatings can't be found in cheap sunglasses. A great lens in a well-designed frame is what sets the top shelf brands like Oakley, Ray ban and Maui Jim apart. You can even get the factory made lens in your prescription.

Why do I need a back up pair of glasses with my contacts?

In case you have an eye problem and can’t wear your contacts, or to give your eyes a rest from the contacts. We have package pricing on select frames, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on them, but still want to know it is quality work.

Why should I get my eyeglasses from Abrams Eyecare?

Convenience:  We offer one stop shopping.  We can speak directly to your doctor to ensure the best optics for you.
Quality:  We use only top quality frames and lenses- we use a local lab that has state of the art production.
Service:  Our opticians have years of experience and provide the highest level of care.

How much does my insurance cover for my eyeglasses?

It depends on your coverage, we would be happy to look up your benefits and give you an estimate. Remember any optical shop can take your insurance, the key question is do they participate with your insurance, that can make a difference in what your out-of-pocket is.
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