LASIK / Payment Options

LASIK is not inexpensive, but it makes a lot of sense financially. If you consider the cost of 10 years of soft contact lens wear for patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism including lens fitting, lens replacement, cleaning systems, etc., the cost of having LASIK has actually been calculated to be less expensive. After 10 years of contact lens wear, you have nothing to show for your investment, since you would still see poorly without glasses or contacts. After LASIK, you would likely not need distance correction for the rest of your life.

Nonetheless, for many people, finding the money to pay for LASIK can be difficult. There are several ways to pay for LASIK.


Some patients opt to pay in cash or with a check. This is a perfectly acceptable way to pay for LASIK.

Credit Card

Many patients opt to pay for their procedure using a personal credit card. This may be a good option, especially if you have a credit card that carries a low interest rate or a card that offers cash back and other rewards.

Financing - CareCredit

For your convenience and to better serve you, Abrams EyeCare Associates would like to offer you various payment options using CareCredit, which offers no interest or low interest payment plans. CareCredit plans help make LASIK affordable for almost everyone. CareCredit’s easy finance plans allow you to customize your account by selecting the amount you need and your repayment terms. When you apply for CareCredit financing, you usually have a decision in a matter of minutes.