Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry eye syndrome is one of the most frequent disorders impacting the general public, with symptoms ranging from moderately irritating to debilitating. The ailment, also known as tear film dysfunction, occurs when your eyes aren't producing enough tears, or you can't keep a normal layer of tears on your eyes. While the most common problem of dry eye syndrome is tearing, there are numerous different symptoms which can occur, such as:

  • Burning, stinging, scratchy, or itchy eyes
  • Gritty or sandy feeling in the eye
  • Excessive blinking
  • Discharge
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Headache and/or pain
  • Fluctuating or blurry vision
  • Caking or mattering of the eyelashes
  • Heavy eye lids and eye fatigue

The majority of patients with dry eye syndrome who follow their eye doctor's direction can have their symptoms controlled, allowing them to function symptom-free or with minimum difficulty. Because of the nature of the causes of dry eye syndrome, most people do not get "cured" of their condition, but they can function with regular maintenance. Even patients who are well-controlled on maintenance medication may experience break-through episodes, necessitating additional appointments to their eye doctor in addition to their regularly planned visits.

Abrams EyeCare utilizes two unique ophthalmic devices to analyze and combat dry eye problems.

The Tear Film Imager (TFI)

This is an ophthalmic, computer-assisted imaging system intended to measure the attributes of the tear film.  Abrams is the only eyecare practice in the country using this device in private practice

This device will record and interpret:

  • The tear film's reflectivity to analyze the tear film's inner structure.  The TFI quantifies the thickness of the tear film, including its lipid and muco-aqueous inner layers over time
  • Large field-of-view hyperspectral images of the lipid layer thickness at frequent time steps.

E-Eye, the innovative and safe solution to treat dry eye syndrome.

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